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Gulfport Doors offers personalized service for commercial properties as well as residential.  We offer unbeatable prices as well as quality customer service.  We take great pride in offering personal as well as fast service.

Gulfport Doors is located in Tampa Florida offering services to the Tampa Bay Area as well as other locations throughout the surrounding area.  Call Robert Milic today to get free quotes and see what they can do for you. 

Office: 813-671-9700  / 813-671-9900

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Company History


Gulfport Doors was founded in 1989 in Tampa, Florida by Robert Milic.  Gulfport Doors has been selling and installing doors and hardware throughout the state of Florida for commercial and residential properties for the past 20 years. 


Robert Milic started Gulfport Doors in 1989 and has built the company from the ground up.  He is well known and respected throughout the community.  Robert is always willing to help and offer his services.  He owns and operates a variety of business throughout the Tampa Bay Area  with his wife Suzanne Milic.  They have been successful due to their constant drive, and their belief in quality customer service.



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Office: 813-671-9700 / 813 -671-9900    |    Fax: 813-671-9766

 Email: milic@gulfportdoors.com